Underlying ESG Principles

Strong corporate governance is often correlated with strong environmental and community outcomes. An integrated approach to ESG tends to yield strong investment returns over time.

We desire to be authentic in caring for people because of their innate dignity and sanctity of life they possess.

Our view of the people we serve is characterised by inclusivity, non discrimination and respect.

Our underlying values of love, mercy, grace, justice & integrity are accompanied by empathy & action with the desire to Create Thriving Communities.


Cornerstone is implementing a range of management and technology initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and to implement more environmentally sustainable practices.

Energy Efficiency & Water Consumption

We acknowledge that climate change is one of the greatest risks our world faces and are committed to driving down our energy and carbon impacts.

We endeavour to include renewable Solar Power in each of our new developments along with dedicated Electric Vehicle charging stations to promote the use of renewable energy. Our water consumption initiatives include water-efficient fixtures, irrigation controls and drought- resistant landscaping.

Interactive Green Space

We recognise the importance of staff wellness and feature green space within our health buildings as a prominent design element.

It has been our vision to create designs that incorporate abundant natural light, natural materials and green zones to create a healthier ambiance thereby improving employee satisfaction and complimenting our vision of creating thriving communities.


Cornerstone Group’s desire is to provide real community outcome by constructing Medical Centres, housing & school buildings.

Our support for organisations like Interseed foundation and Empart is a tangible way to express our faith in action, seeing us donate a minimum of 20% of Cornerstone Group’s gross profits each year to altruistic initiatives in Australia and overseas.

Interseed exists to bring community transformation through partnerships with the local church & community. Visit Interseed >

We consider our social responsibility to be paramount to our business and the core purpose of why we exist. We ensure local communities nationally and global ultimately benefit from our endeavours.

Cornerstone Group has also partnered with Empart to assist in the development of their Transformation Centres. Empart equips people to help transform communities through hope, grace and action.

Their desire is to to see lives improved and people valued by:

  • Equipping Servant Leaders

  • Empowering Women

  • Nurturing Children

  • Improving Livelihoods

  • Restoring Health

  • Responding to Emergencies


CHP seeks to engage with high quality stakeholders who are founded on high ethical and moral standards and have a sound reputation in business and the wider community.

The CHP Board is majority led by Independent Directors who act as custodians of Investors capital.

CHP’s governance framework reflects their duty to act in their stakeholders’ best interests at all times and in compliance with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements.